I’ll know

by Confessions

Instant happiness that flows through your body from the tip of your toes it travels all they way up your legs to your spine making you feel as numb as possible as your fingers tingle while it travels up your arms to your neck causing your body to loose complete control because your heart instantly stops beating in your chest and you loose all train of thought. And just when you thought you knew it, you thought that it was finally over the wind blows by you like a crisp winter breeze and a gaping breath escapes you as you stomach falls into your legs. It’s as if your’e breathing in fire while your body is frozen in time.

You hear about that feeling, you see it and you read about it everywhere and it causes so many of us to believe or force ourselves to believe that we feel that but we don’t. You cant rush it because if you do it will collapse it will crush you and break you into a million pieces before you know it.

So stop and just walk where the wind takes you while God whispers where to direct you because when you know that you cant breathe and it hurts even more just being away that’s when you’ll know… well at least that when I’ll know.

Like a slug sucking the blood out of you and yet you cant help yourself from smiling because you know that all your life you’ve been waiting to get right where you are and even though it may take a while and people will try to trick you I will trust that God will get me there and trust me when I say so…

I’ll know when I get there