by Confessions

Your cheeks turn red

The muscles in your face don’t even hurt

Your faces shines brighter than before

All that you worried about seems to go away

Your body wants to jump with excitement

It’s that un-resistible feeling you get when it finally happens

It feels like you have been waiting for years in order for this moment to come

but it’s only been five days

Being so far has made you even more grateful for being able to experience this feeling in your life with him

It’s that glow you see on a girls face when she walks down the street

The glow that shows nothing and absolutely nothing will bring her down

A glow that makes you believe in Angels because she shines so bright

It’s as if her glow can light the world, it’s Gods way of stopping everyone and making them smile

In that moment her smile touched her ears and her eyes were brighter than ever

All because he brought that simple glow back to her in a gist of seconds


So thank you because your happiness has let her know that her God is omnipotent and omniscient