and girls say they cant find true love

by Confessions

I sat down


with ease and relaxation

I waited  on him

I didn’t hesitate

and I didn’t get scared

I knew he would pull through

and just when he nudged me it happeneed

he allowed me through to the next step

he made a way for me with his love and commitment

there was a plan made this whole time from beggining to end

I may not be at the end yet or even close

but I know he is never leaving me

he loves me unconditionally

and never gives up on me

always staying faithful to his word

he has an answer to everything I ask of him

My rock, my shelter, my healer

he stays faithful through it all

and I trust in him

through the good, the bad, the hard times and the easy times

he stands right beside me every day even when I don’t know

he never ask me for anything in return

he never turns his back on me

and any time I get frustrated or close the door on him

he sits outside and he knocks just waiting for me to open

waiting for me to realize that nothing I do will turn him away

he keeps his promise in always being faithful to me

he will love me to the ends of the earth

he will put me through test and trials of faith

but all he really wants is for me to get stronger

for me to love him the way he loves me

he wants me to stop keeping it just between up and share our relationship to the world

he wants all of me

from the physical to the emotional to the mental he wants me

now and forever

but I just have to want him

and how could I not..

and girls say they cant find true love

huh… not if your looking for it in the world