A speck

by Confessions

Just a speck, like a tiny white dot in the middle of a black piece of paper

you can see it but it wasn’t  that noticeable 

it was so small that the only way you could see it was by sitting and really focusing on that paper to find something that looked different

the only way that you could see this tiny speck was only if, you were looking for it.

But why? 

why look for something so small that the eye struggles to find?

was it an answer, was it a calling or was it just simply a speck that you wanted to see?

why not look for something bigger, something that’s right there, it stands out to everyone and its easy to see… why not?

because you want a challenge, because everyone’s looking for that or because you just want the smaller things


You look for this tiny, microscopic white dot because for some reason this little thing holds the biggest prize

this little pure dot gives you something that these other things don’t

yes their big and bright but they’re harder to maintain because everyone wants it, everyone can see it so everyone’s hands can grab a piece of it

it’s to big and it’s harder to keep clean

so you search for this white speck in the middle of the black page


it carries hope

it carries life

it carries opportunity

it carries forgiveness and it’s cherished

sometimes the big things aren’t the ones that can change your life but it’s that really small thing you always over look and until you stop to analyse and to scan for it you wont find it

when all the chaos, the screaming, the loudness, the crazy, the confusion, the tears and the pain are clouding your mind all at the same time you get distracted and you can’t find it 

but if you just stop you’ll see that this dot has been right there

you kept searching for something, 

something to be obvious 

to be huge and grand

and yet this whole time it’s been right there

you just refused to see it…