Who’s listening

by Confessions

There was this little bird with beautiful colours of bright red, orange and a hint of yellow

every morning this bird would wake up and fly around it’s nest

when all his brothers and sisters would wake up they would ask,
“why are you up so early making noise?”

The little bird would say

“why waste the day sleeping, you’ll miss all the chances and beautiful things that happen early in the morning”

Now the little bird wasn’t yet big enough to leave the nest and everyday he would as his mommy


“well my dear you are just not ready to go out alone, this is where you are safest at home.” is what she would say

and the little birdy would reply and say

“but being safe doesn’t feel right sometimes I feel like this isn’t home, mommy my little heart tells me everyday that I need to leave just like my brothers and sister”

“well my dear son your little heart wont save you when your all alone and to small to save yourself, now just sit down until I come back.”

This little birdy was a smart one for being so young and all he wanted to do was leave and meet new people 

but instead he would sit and be obedient like his mom said and just sing all day

“when his brothers and sisters would come home they’d ask him why do you sing so much no one can hear you”

the little birdy would puff up his chest and say “one day someone will here me and even if it’s not today or tomorrow or when I get to leave the nest I know that someone is listening-“

“But who’s listening?”

“Someone’s listening… I can feel it”

Even though he never got to see or talk to who was listening to him sing he felt that someone was listening and he never wanted to miss a day
an hour
a minute or
a second

No matter what, this bird continued to do what his heart felt was right 

his heart was glowing just like the colours of his wings

and when he grew older and his wings got even brighter he had a glow around him that no one ever understood

one day before he was leaving the nest to go and sing in another forest his mother asked him

“my son why is it that I don’t know how you got this miraculous glow?”

he replied and said “well mom remember when I was little and you said my little heart wouldn’t be bale to save me if I went out alone?”

“Oh yes I remember dear, but what does that have to do with this?”

“That little heart is where I got this glow, I believed that one day I would leave and go home and that little heart no matter what size I was would protect me. It would protect me because he lives with in me and that’s why I glow mom.” 

sometimes we don’t know who’s listening to us sing or who’s reading what we right but one day someone will hear it or read and in that day maybe someone’s life will change or not 
But as long as we allow him to live with in our heart and give him the glory he will bring our hearts home 
and one day just one day everything we worked so hard for will be given to us

but to who ever is listening to me sing or reading what I write just know that like this little bird I will never stop because in my heart I know that someone is listening