It could’ve been me…

by Confessions

He could’ve done it  he could’ve went all the way he could’ve been where they all are right now
but he’s not…

everyday when he feels like his mistakes are in the past something brings it up again
it never stops and when he thinks it does they just come right back

everyday I sit here and everyday I try to move past it move past the regrets, the failures and the amount of times I just gave up completely on myself

when they say confidence kills, I guess they really mean it

this pain grabs at you and it holds you so tight until you loose your breath
you go numb and your skin turns purple
and your thoughts literally eat at your mind each day

I cant stop thinking that it could’ve been me
it could’ve been me
I could’ve had it all

but I don’t have it all
and it’s not me

so I have to live with that everyday for the rest of my life just wishing that I could change that one decision I made

it was a domino effect and it just wont stop tumbling

I wish, I pray and my heart breaks every day

I guess I didn’t want it that bad because if I did…

I’d say It is me and I have it all