from the girl in aisle zero

by Confessions

An open letter to…

Homo sapiens who DO NOT get it,

It’s not something that just goes away

you have to work through it, you have to fight through the bad days and even possibly get through the not so bad days and once you finally reach your good day, you have to force yourself to remember how you got there, how you felt and repeat it.

So yeah,
when your on the verge of getting better, some days start to look brighter
and yeah it can possibly last for a few hours
a few days
a few weeks
or even a few months

but that doesn’t mean that it’s completely gone nor does it mean that you are completely happy

because lets be honest everyone has these shitty days where they get into these moods and say

“awhh I’m so depressed right now I don’t even know what to do with myself…”

hey maybe you are feeling depressed but to be brutally honest you’re not DE-Pressed

your just having a moment
a phase that will pass away,
just like the wind picks up the dust and allows it to squander for a bit and eventually it gets caught up with the flow that it doesn’t drop again

but for others they go through some serious times
and the more they hear people talk about it the more it pisses them off
the more they want to hide in their tiny bubble of darkness and sit in a corner

simple… because just like every other known/common illness out there these individuals have just become another side effect of it; let me explain this to you, once an illness has become so extreme in the media people who have it are no longer considered people

they are considered it,
it the disease,
it the sickness
or it the side effect,  of what IT does to people when it takes over.

and than you raise money and you raise awareness for these specific problems such as Cancer, HIV, AIDS, Cystic Fibrosis and so on but none of these things are helping the actual people suffering, all it’s doing is raising money for some “cure” or some way of “help” that wont even exist before they die.

I’m not saying to stop and I sure as hell am not saying to just screw us all over but I’m saying take a second to realize that all of us,

SIDE EFFECTS of the universes imperfections,

are stuck in aisle zero
the aisle that does not exist
and the one that no one dares to go down to because they are scared of the inevitable

but once you randomly get placed there because of someone else’s wrong doing you realize there is no way out but to be stuck in the row that never lights up
your mind is completely stuck in this dark alley
where it searches and searches for the light at the end of the path but never finds it,
each time it happens to find a flickering light that sometimes last longer than the other ones but not one that ever stays on for good

but hey thank you to everyone who has brought some new awareness, to the mental illness side of the world

but I don’t thank you for making it so big that people are just going to look at it and soon pass it by
as just another disease like Cancer,

it will be to the point where people will not be concerned when they hear someone has clinical depression because well
everyone has it now don’t they?

especially when they get a celebrity on board… why thank you because now that a “celebrity” has suffered from it, it’s considered a real mental problem, am I right?

we would like to think that through everything this world is truly an amazing place and truly loving but it’s really not, we just happen to find those people who enjoy taking individuals pathetic and sad moments in life and try to turn it into something amazing,
but in the end it doesn’t shine light on the people suffering but it shines light on the person who happened to make it all about them and what they’ve decided to do to help.

so to whoever is out there reading this,
who ever happens to fall upon this article,
who ever decides to take the time to get to the end,
to the selfish government, to the people,
to the ones out there listening,
and FOR the ones going through problems,  I hope you realized that what these “good” people do really doesn’t matter because in the end they’re all selfish.

Just don’t become your disease, don’t let the universe’s once more sad attempt at being noticed take over your life, be you on your own

and just know that this isn’t about you
it’s not your fault,
it has absolutely nothing to do with you
and absolutely everything to do with our human nature and how we are wired to work…

Said the depressed girl stuck in aisle ZERO