A Room with a view

by Confessions

Here I was again for the third time this month, I was getting tired of being here in this waiting room as people walked in and walked out by the hour.
To them this was heaven getting to wake up early in the morning and come to such a dull place to “help” people. Where as for it was nothing like that it was an annoying pimple that continues to grow in the same spot on the middle of your face and it’s the only thing people look at.

Every time I come here I sit in this uncomfortable burgundy leather chair with grey plastic arm rest. Ugh, it was hideous, especially the baby blue walls with cartoons all over it, from Winnie the Pooh to that stupid show Dora the Explorer…
Because every kid with Cancer wants to feel so good that they can explore just like Dora some day.

Cancer sucked it really did, it held me back from everything I wanted to do
which was to travel…

But I loved slouching in this chair because itย always faced the big window that looked out to this beautiful field of grass with pink, purple and yellow flowers every where.

Every time I looked out this window I got that same feeling again, the feeling of being trapped in your own body and wanted to run away. I wanted to escape just once not in my mind but physically run away and relax without worrying about my health for a second.

Just imagine the baby blue sky with tiny fluffy clouds that scattered across it,
and to think that a thousand miles away another gloomy sky was connected to this one.
The palm trees were always perfect with just the right amount of coconuts on each one,
mmmmm coconuts just think about that taste of fresh coconut water on your tongue for a split second.

Oh and the beach, it was so pretty and oddly empty compared to usual. There were only a few people out some guys were surfing and the rest were couples strolling on the beach.

I assume they were on a honey moon

I sat on a nice lime green beach chair and reclined looking out onto the clear blue ocean, with the hot tan sand in my toes.
The breeze was nice and light and it lifted the salt from the water into the air and landed into my nose. But I could breath it all in without a problem and it was soothing to my body.

As I slowly started to relax and let go someone began to shout my name from the other end of the beach, I was looking and looking but I couldn’t find anyone. No one was waving and running towards me, so I looked into the other direction and all the people drifted away.

the water started to become blurry and the sand started to feel cold like a tiled floor.

I heard my name being called again

Trisha Trisha Triiisha hello,

but no one was there, I turned my head forward and saw my nurse tapping me, all I could think about was why she was here. In that moment I realized I had slipped away into my happy place again. The one place I always wanted to go to was only in my mind

I looked up at her and exhaled while responding to her telling me it’s time for me check up.

I guess I was ready to go in because well everything else seemed to fade away like always.

I stood up and as I prepared to follow the nurse, I saw a man cleaning the windows and realized my slippers were touching the cold floor… I giggled, typical typical me, it all makes sense now