Missed words

by Confessions

I walked the same walk I did every morning.
The precious tulips guided the gravel path,
as the trees arched over it,
giving you just enough shade so you can still feel the sun lightly kissing your skin.

as I walked with the wind guiding me to the end,
I happened to step onto a piece of paper,
it wasn’t white and it looked like many have passed by it, as was I..

Until the wind picked it up and blew it in front of me just a tad,
I picked up the delicate paper and noticed words written upon it.
A quick read wouldn’t hurt anybody, I guess.

I sat on the white metal bench that out looked an open grass field.

my blue eyes read over the paper that read:
If I said I love you it would be an under statement
and a disgrace to the emotions that I carry for you and only you,
my eyes laid upon you for the first time when I was 13
and I knew you were the one.
But you loved another so I let it be and
we stayed peacefully mates ever since.
I married another and had 3 kids and same with you,
but I couldn’t hold this secret any more,
30 years later I still love you…”

and it ended just like that,
I guess he or she will never know about this love that only lived in the stars.