A sweet moment

by Confessions

I was sitting on that ugly brown broken bench that out looked a little ravine, it was nothing special but it was still romantic and peaceful.
I pulled out my book and as soon as I started to write a sweet dog came running up to me, he looked like a golden retriever but what did I know about any dogs.
I lifted my head up and saw an old heavy set man walking towards me, he was behind the dog but not too far.
At first he seemed timid as if he didn’t know how I would react to this strangers dog coming up to me. But I wasn’t afraid. It was just a dog.

He wore a white dress shirt but it wasn’t too dressy, it was nice enough that he looked like an old man who just retired but grew up with a strong right side of the brain personality.
He had black suspenders and beige pants on with a touch of black sun glasses, that fully covered his eyes.
I was a bit disappointed because I liked looking into peoples eyes, sometimes you can see their whole world by one look.

“Your looking at a beautiful piece of land their you know.”

“Yeah it is beautiful.” I said with a gracious smile

“It;s one of my favourite spots to be.”

He got closer but he still tried to keep his distance.
As if to not over power me with kindness and ruin my space of tranquillity, but I liked that he was respectable.

He had a bit of a belly and walked with a little limp in his right leg.
His hair was greying and his face seemed a little wrinkly but he was beautiful to me.
I don’t  know if it was because of his loving and warm personality why I thought that or if he was really a beautiful old man.

“You writing?”

“Yeah just a little… I try.”

He stepped towards the water as he got a stick to throw for his dog and he just looked out to the water.
Again he wasn’t too close to me and he didn’t look right at me but he looked enough to know that he was engaging in conversation.

“I use to write poetry, and than I was in theatre, I directed and wrote many plays.”‘

“Oh really that’s amazing.”

“I don’t normally take him out at this time it’s just that my wife was working late and I decided to take him out quickly again.”

“Oh that’s all right your not bothering me at all.”

He started to step back behind me, well behind the ugly bench and asked me what I was studying in school and I told him psychology, well forensic psychology.

He seemed fascinated and said so you’ll be a shrink for criminals, I giggled and said of course.

This man was intriguing and I wanted to talk to him more I wanted to get to know more about his life and his family and his dog.

“You know people say criminals and serial killers are all sick people but they’re really not, they just know how to get away with things so they test their limits to see how far they can go. I would say they are some of the bravest people I’ve heard of. Who else in this world besides them acts on their thoughts and feelings and who else pushes their limits to see how far they can go, how far their strength will take them. But any ways like the bible says thou shall not kill, and steal…”

He cut me off before I could respond with  more and said he had to get going.

I watched him walk away and I wish he would have sat down and just talked to me some more, I wanted to see his eyes so I could see his soul

but I couldn’t, he just left…