by Confessions

Three doors
Three lives
Three girls
One roof.

They open their doors with smiles,
They close their doors with concerns.

One cant love herself so she cuts,
One has a family being torn apart so she cries,
One cant trust anyone so she sleeps around

behind these doors lies pain, hurt and confusion
but yet no one can provide them with an explanation.
so they move on, they go through the motions to get by.

They smile when they have to,
Laugh when they’re told to,
and breath when it all gets crazy.

They never knew four walls could hold so much lies and deception from what everyone else sees.

They cover it up,
They hide it all,
They stand tall,

She cant love herself so she hurts herself,
She doesn’t have stability so she breaks down,
She cant find trust so she lies to herself

They open their doors and they live because they just need to get through today so everything will be okay.

Three covers,
Three lies,
Three problems,
One response