Seasonal love

by Confessions

It came and went without you even knowing,

it was strong and than it was weak.

It started to evolve slowly like the flowers that bloom in may,

even though there were rainy days the sun still shinned.

It was everything you were wanting and waiting for but once it came you wished it away.

It was beautiful, warm and contagious like the summer,

but some days were too unbearable and too uncomfortable just like the sun beaming on your skin.

And when you were just getting use to it in a split second it slipped away,

it creep-ed up and became explicitly cool, breezy and flaky.

Like the leaves during the fall it slowly started to fall to the ground only to never be picked back up again.

I thought it would still last until it disintegrated into the freezing and brutally dreadful cold winter.

We still loved the winter even though it made us so sad.

but after a while you cant love it and you want the summer to come again,

only this time summer didn’t come.