by Confessions

They asked me to explain it,
explain that feeling I get randomly,
the one that overwhelms me with joy and leaves me in awe of life…
but I couldn’t explain it
it was indescribable
If I used the simple words from american language to describe it, I would be putting to shame what it truly is and how it truly makes me feel.

It would be an understatement and a crime to define it as anything less of what it is.

I could not limit this feeling to one event or one situation that happens to me,
because that’s no what it is.

Sometimes I feel it when I spend time with him or
sometimes I feel it when i’m alone.

It doesn’t always happen when i’m with him or people in general.
It happens in the craziest and even the simplest of moments,
the ones that we allow to pass by with out noticing or even the ones we pay too much attention too.

When I do feel it my body fills up with an unimaginable amount of happiness and love.
In that moment I start to realize that to him I am his princess and he is my king, my groom and I his bride.

He’s also my best friend and my reliable companion in times of need.
When I stop loving him he loves me harder and when I loose trust in him he proves to me over and over again that he is the only one I can rely on.
He sees in me what a mirror cant show me, he goes deeper with me the way no one else can ever understand.
He smiles when I rise and he holds me when I fall.

He brings me a true and everlasting feeling of excitement, that can never be understood until you experience it yourself… and I wonder how can someone not want this?
Than I remember that many people wont feel this but will continuously search for it in the wrong things.