girls are evil too

by Confessions

she stood across the rustic bar in an elegant little black dress and sharp heeled stilettos,
with a perfect coat of red plastered onto her lips

you couldn’t miss her from a mile away, it was as if a perfectly dimmed spotlight was on her the whole night because every guy wanted a chance to speak to her
but she knew what she wanted…

they walked up to her one by one and she toiled with them for a bit and then made it clear they needed to move on,

I watched her play with these boys hearts and as they got closer she’d whisper in their ear with a smirk on her face and slowly sucked their souls out of them

it was a game to her and she enjoyed it because she knew she could get away with it

and one by one every boy who walked up with hope walked away with a lifeless body

but like I said she knew what she wanted…

I took one last sip of my whisky before I walked across the semi-crowded bar and grabbed her hand

slowly dragging her to the middle of the room I put a finger to her lips and she pierced a smile with a look of devilishly fun in her eyes

we danced in the middle of the room on the hard wood floor

this is what she wanted a challenge and a challenge she was going to get

I told her that she could rip out my heart and look right through me and

smile as lies roll off of her tongue like a beautiful poem

But never tell me she loves me….