tick tick boom

by Confessions

tick tick tick

she was running down the dark alley, her feet were heavy on the pavement feeling every stone and stick that she made contact with

her heart picked up a beat pumping blood faster and faster

tick tick tick

she couldn’t get the sound out of her head but she kept running until she stopped

panicked looking around her she lifted her left hand and brought it to her forehead, she rubbed it back and forth, back and forth until she brought it down to the side of her face, it slowly moved covering her eye and than her lips, she brought it slowly down finally falling to her chest

she stopped and let her chest rise and fall, rise and fall bringing her right hand atop of her left hand tears rolled down her face

tick tick tick

she stood there in a daze

nothing around her besides darkness

tick tick tick

she squatted to her knees and hugged them tighter than ever,

her mind wouldn’t settle, her thoughts were scattered, jumping from one scenario to another

tick tick tick

rocking back and forth on her heels she held her head and than slowly stood up

she held her face caressing it for sympathy

tick tick tick

her breathing picked up

in out

in out in out in out

in out in out in out in out in out

tick tick tick

it all stopped she smiled and finally let go of the chaos she could no longer control

tick… tick… tick… boom!