silent LOVE

by Confessions

She never understood why he would stare at her. She didn’t feel as if she was beautiful enough for someone like him, to analyze her face with such happiness.
But he made her smile.
She would instantly blush every time he looked into her eyes without saying a word, or when he would turn and smirk.

He never understood why she would look away every time he smiled at her, she was beautiful and deserved to be recognized for it. From the way her eyes would light up every time she spoke about anything, to the heart felt laugh she belted out over the smallest things. All he could see was beauty as if it was embedded on her face, especially her gorgeous smile that always lifted her cheek bones.

She thought he deserved  more than her, she wasn’t perfect. She didn’t have the best laugh or the prettiest smile or the perfect face. She didn’t have what all the other girls had but he only saw her.

He always thought she deserved more then him, he wasn’t the best at what he did and he’d never be the greatest either. He had a past that he couldn’t escape and he didn’t know how to love her the way she deserved to be loved.
He was quirky and could never make his mind up, but she had everything they didn’t and that’s what drew him to her… she was perfect.

She took a chance and let her walls down but he wasn’t ready for that.
They weren’t ready for each other.

She slowly fell for him and he fell for her but they were both afraid to let each other in. So they kept it all inside and hoped that one day it would let itself out. But for now he would replay her beautiful laugh as she covered her face every time so he wouldn’t see and she would remember his sweet smile that made her feel safe.

and they let each other go