1 secret

by Confessions

I want to tell you a secret.

I’ve had it for a while, majority of my life.
Sometimes it’s scary and debilitating and other times it’s beautiful and empowering.

It can be a testament to my strength and a reason for my weakness.
This secret of mine is sacred and dear to my heart.
The more I trust and love someone,
is the more I’m willing to share it.

But when I share this I share my heart,
I give you a piece of it and I ask you to hold it, cherish it, protect it, guide it and most of all care for it.
Because it’s a piece of me.

If you break it, you break me
and everything this heart has worked for.
So I’m taking down my walls and I’m letting the world in.

You mustn’t look at me different or see me as fragile, You mustn’t be scared of being unable to love me because you’ve done it without knowing.

As hard as it is for you to hear this imagine how hard it is for me to share it.
Not everyone accepts it, not everyone believes it and not everyone can handle it.
But it’s the truth, it’s completely and unapologetically apart of me.

my secret is simple,
my secret is this,
my secret is depression,
and if you can’t accept me as is, walk away
and know that I’ll still be okay.