by Confessions

August 8th, 2017

I sit in this black chair with enough padding to be comfortable for a few hours but it’s clearly worn down.

One leg crossed over the other.
I sit here.
With a warm cup of tea and I stare around.
I gaze the room slowly and think.
Sometimes I don’t know what I think about and sometimes I just stare with no thought.

I get lost in the small flames burning the wax of my candle.
The light from outside shines in.
It’s calming.

Light breathing. My chest falls and rises. I really don’t think a clear thought.
Nothing matches,
nothing stays,
nothings clear,
it comes and goes,
like a constant wave crashing among rocks.
I’m just an entity at this point, a space in time.
Nothing to give, nothing to take.

I like it…

Calm… Refreshing…

I forget about everything.
About school, family, money, work, my future, responsibilities… it all disappears.

And for a few slight moments I’m just as equal to the wind that blows everyday.
Not relevant, not thought of, but there.

and I come back,
back to reality,
to thought, to existence.

It’s like jumping out of a dream.
Not too sure if you’re safe yet but you know you exist in some time zone and some Universe.

I’m here…
Somehow I’m here
not sad, angry nor happy

Just here,

trying to be,